Public Health Competencies: Information and Tools

The resources in this section of the Portal provide information supporting attainment of the Public Health Competencies (PDF Document) identified by the Public Health Agency of Canada.

These competencies “are the essential knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for the practice of public health. They transcend the boundaries of specific disciplines and are independent of program and topic. They provide the building blocks for effective public health practice, and the use of an overall public health approach.”

Public Health Agency of Canada

The 36 competencies are organized into seven categories.

  1. Public Health Science
  2. Assessment & Analysis
  3. Policy & Program Planning, Implementation & Evaluation
  4. Partnerships, Collaboration & Advocacy
  5. Diversity & Inclusiveness
  6. Communication
  7. Leadership

The documents and other resources referred to in this section of the Portal were developed by public health organisations and complement the Skills On-Line modules from the Agency.