Policy & Program Planning, Implementation & Evaluation

This category describes the Core Competencies needed to effectively choose options, and to plan, implement and evaluate policies and/or programs in public health. This includes the management of incidents such as outbreaks and emergencies.


  • Describe selected policy and program options to address a specific public health issue.
  • Describe the implications of each option, especially as they apply to the determinants of health, and recommend or decide on a course of action.
  • Develop a plan to implement a course of action taking into account relevant evidence, legislation, emergency planning procedures, regulations and policies.
  • Implement a policy or program and/or take appropriate action to address a specific public health issue.
  • Demonstrate the ability to implement effective practice guidelines.
  • Evaluate the action, policy or program.
  • Demonstrate an ability to set and follow priorities, and to maximize outcomes based on available resources.
  • Demonstrate the ability to fulfill functional roles in response to a public health emergency.

Describe Selected Policy and Program Options to Address a Specific Public Health Issue and Describe the Implications of Each Option, especially as they Apply to the Determinants of Health, and Recommend or Decide on a Course of Action

Develop a Plan to Implement a Course of Action taking into account Relevant Evidence, Legislation, Emergency Planning Procedures, Regulations and Policies

Implement a Policy or Program and/or take Appropriate Action to Address a Specific Public Health Issue

  • Implementing the population health approach This website outlines implementation strategies in population health. Public Health Agency of Canada.
  • Multiple intervention programs modules These modules are intended to assist public health staff with designing and evaluating multiple intervention programs. Modules include. conducting a socio-ecological assessment, identifying intervention options, optimizing impact, and evaluation. Examples and activities are also provided. University of Ottawa and Ontario Ministry of Health.
  • Tobacco and public health: From theory to practice An award-winning free, online course that offers a Canadian-focused overview on tobacco control research, policy, strategies, programs and practice. Modules are available in both English and French. Ontario Tobacco Research Unit.

Demonstrate the Ability to Implement Effective Practice Guidelines

  • Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care. Guidelines This website provides Canadian guidelines and screening recommendations for a variety of conditions, including depression, cervical cancer, hypertension, and Type 2 diabetes. Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care.
  • Core public health functions; Resource quickfinder This webpage provides resources including evidence reviews for various public health topics such as mental health promotion, injuries, and healthy communities. British Columbia Ministry of Health.
  • The community guide. Guide to community preventive services This U.S. website links readers to reviews, including recommendations, on various public health topics. Community Preventive Services Taskforce.
  • NICE guidance This UK website provides a searchable database that includes public health guidance on a number of topics. National Institute for Health and Care Excellence.
  • Toolkit. Implementation of best practice guidelines, Second Edition This is a toolkit for assisting in the implementation of best practice guidelines, including identifying the issue, examining facilitators and barriers, and evaluation. Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario.
  • Guidance documents This is a list of guidance documents on a variety of public health topics such as child health, tobacco, nutrition, and physical activity. Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.

Evaluate the Action, Policy or Program

Demonstrate an Ability to Set and Follow Priorities, and to Maximize Outcomes Based on Available Resources

Demonstrate the Ability to Fulfill Functional Roles in Response to a Public Health Emergency

Emergency Management/Training