Clarify context, assumptions and overall public health framework for planning

Best done early in the planning process, clarifying the context, assumptions and public health framework means answering questions such as: ‘What underlying principles and values should be incorporated into our plan?’, ‘Why are we planning at this particular time?’, ‘What decisions have already been made?’, and ‘What is in and outside of our scope of work’?.


Health Promotion Foundations Course

Public Health Ontario

These modules introduce the field of health promotion in Canada covering important definitions and concepts; key values and features underlying practice; key milestones that led to the development of the field of health promotion in Canada; and how to identify and apply key strategies to take action on the health issues affecting individuals and communities.

The population health approach

Canadian Best Practice Portal

The population health approach focuses on improving health status through action directed toward an entire population, or sub-population, rather than individuals. Elements include: focus on the health of populations, address the determinants of health and their interactions, base decisions on evidence, increase upstream investments, apply multiple interventions and strategies, collaborate across sectors and levels, employ mechanisms for public involvement and demonstrate accountability for health outcomes.

Key health promotion concepts and documents

Health Promotion Clearinghouse

The Health Promotion Clearinghouse (HPC) maintains an annotated list of key resources about health promotion. HPC also maintains resource lists on topics such as: health promotion and population health; aboriginal health; advocacy and policy development; board development; community development and community capacity building; evaluation methods; facilitation techniques; proposal and grant writing; social marketing; using research information for community health promotion and much more. A list of Canadian databases and portals and a list of online courses are also provided at the HPC website.