Develop an overall strategy to find evidence

Effective searching for public health evidence

National Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools

A tool designed to make searching for public health research evidence faster and more effective. A hierarchy of evidence is presented, with a focus on finding the highest level of available evidence. A list of other resources related to evidence searches is included.

Resources to guide and track your search

The purpose of this tool, together with the companion resource: Levels and sources of public health evidence is to: enable quick and easy access to the best available public health evidence; and track hits and relevant results from an efficient search.

The health planner’s toolkit: Module 3- Evidence-based planning
Section 2: How do I find the evidence I need?

Health Systems Intelligence Project; Government of Ontario

This module explains five types of evidence: epidemiological data; administrative data; journals; reports (grey literature); and expert advice. Some examples of good sources within each type of evidence are provided. Appendix F: Evidence-based planning guide, supports the content. The guide prompts the user to identify: what they want to know; what they need evidence for; and what type of information they need. It also provides a table to organize the different types of information found to help prepare for a thorough analysis.