Evidence-Informed Decision-Making: Information and Tools

Evidence-informed decision-making (EIDM) is ‘the process of distilling and disseminating the best available evidence from research, practice and experience and using that evidence to inform and improve public health policy and practice. Put simply, it means finding, using and sharing what works in public health.’ (National collaborating centre for methods and tools)

To access Canadian information and tools on EIDM :  

  1. Increase your understanding of evidence-informed decision-making.
  2. Look at examples that illustrate use of evidence-informed decision-making.
  3. Build your capacity for the overall process of evidence-informed decision-making.
  4. Develop an overall strategy to find evidence.
  5. Consider specific sources of evidence.
  6. Judge the quality of information you have found.
  7. Apply the synthesized evidence to your situation.

For more information about applying evidence to program planning, please refer to our list of information and tools about program planning.