Increase your understanding of evidence-informed decision-making

An introduction to Evidence-Informed Public Health (EIPH) and a Compendium of critical appraisal tools for public health practice (revised)

National Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools (NCCMT)

This paper explains the seven stages of evidence informed public health (EIPH): define; search; appraise; synthesize; adapt; implement; and evaluate. It also includes a list of tools to help you critically appraise the available evidence. A related resource that can also be found on the NCCMT website is: Introduction: What is evidence-informed decision making (EIDM)? Why bother?

Evidence-informed decision making: Guide to learning and training opportunities

Public Health Agency of Canada

The Public Health Agency of Canada, in collaboration with a number of partner organizations, has developed a comprehensive guide of training and learning opportunities related to evidence-informed decision-making in public health. They include in-person workshops and online learning modules.