Chronic Diseases

Chronic diseases provides information on public health approaches to preventing identified diseases.

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Best Practices

Best practices provides access to a searchable database on effective health promotion and chronic disease prevention interventions.

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Resources provides access to information and tools to help you with evidence-informed decision-making and program planning.

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Public Health Topics

Public health topics provides information on surveillance, strategies, program guidelines and links to effective interventions on identified health issues.

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Policy Issues

Policy issues provides an overview of key documents in Canadian and international public health policy as well as links to policy resources and instruments.

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Learn More

Learn more about recent or upcoming events, publications, advisories and advances in public health by accessing RSS feeds. email updates, listservs and/or newsletters.

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Public Health Agency of Canada, Canadian Best Practices Portal


Welcome to the Canadian Best Practices Portal

This Portal provides a consolidated one-stop shop for busy health professionals and public health decision-makers. It is a compilation of multiple sources of trusted and credible information. The Portal links to resources and solutions to plan programs for promoting health and preventing diseases for populations and communities.

Members of the general public will find useful health promotion information including food and nutrition guidance, and consumer product and safety information at

What's New

Seniors Health

The World Health Organization recommends that government policy should aim to reduce disease and disability in those aged 65 and older by encouraging physical activity, social connection, healthy eating, access to healthy food choices, and risk reduction related to falls and injuries. With this in mind, the Seniors Health Public Health topic is available on the Canadian Best Practices Portal. We invite you to explore the data, strategies, guidance and systematic reviews available on this salient public health topic.

Upcoming Events

Breaking Down Barriers: Active Transportation Infrastructure (Webinar)
Thursday, November 13th, 2014 12:00 - 1:30 PM (Eastern)
This webinar will explore provincial initiatives that involve direct action or cost-sharing mechanisms to shift local priorities and facilitate change in active transportation infrastructure.

Featured Best Practices

  • Maternal and Infant Health

    The health of mothers and their infants intertwine from preconception to the postpartum period. Ideal maternal and infant health results in a full-term pregnancy and a postpartum period that supports the needs of both mother and child. Read more on successful interventions to promote maternal/infant health...

  • Preventing Violence

    The Promoting Relationships and Eliminating Violence Network (PREVNet) has systematically reviewed violence prevention programs from around the world to identify 38 effective interventions...