The Best Practices Section of the Portal is a searchable list of chronic disease prevention and health promotion interventions which provides program planners and public health practitioners with easy and immediate access to successful public health programs, interventions and policies that have been evaluated and have the potential to be adapted and used.

Featured Interventions

  • TD Think First for Kids

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    • Individual
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    • Injury Prevention

    Think First for Kids is a 6-week comprehensive brain and spinal cord injury prevention program for children in grades 1, 2, and 3. The original program has been extended to grades K to 8 and includes developmentally appropriate classroom interactions …

  • Clear Horizons

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    • Individual
    • Adult (ages 25-64) icon
    • Health Care Setting
    • Health Literacy
    • Tobacco Use Icon 1

    The program, Clear Horizons, is a 48-page self-help guide and telephone counseling protocol specifically tailored for the smoking habits, quitting needs and lifestyles of older smokers. Developed following the principles of adult learning, Clear Horizons follows a magazine style format …

  • Listening to One Another

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    • Alcohol Abuse Icon 1
    • Community/ Neighbourhood
    • Mental Health Icon 2

    Promoting family well-being and Indigenous values; Canada Since 2011, a Participatory Action Research project has been implementing a community-based program that aims to improve family well-being in Indigenous communities across Canada. So far, five First Nation partners have creatively adapted …