Best Practices

The Best Practices Section of the Portal is a searchable list of chronic disease prevention and health promotion interventions which provides program planners and public health practitioners with easy and immediate access to successful public health programs, interventions and policies that have been evaluated and have the potential to be adapted and used.

Featured Best Practices

  • Gwich’in Outdoor Classroom Project

    Categories associated with best practice:

    • Canada
    • Children (age 6-12)
    • Community/ Neighbourhood
    • Elementary School
    • Healthy child development
    • Individual education/skill development
    • Preventing Violence
    • Social environmental support

    Gwich’in Outdoor Classroom project is a culture-based crime prevention program in the communities of Fort McPherson and Aklavik, Northwest Territories. The project is designed for Aboriginal children aged 6 to 12, living in remote northern communities. It was designed to …

  • Girls Stepping Out Program

    Categories associated with best practice:

    • Behaviour change
    • Female
    • Integrate Chronic Disease Prevention
    • Physical Activity
    • Secondary School

    The purpose of this study is to compare the effectiveness of daily step count targets with time-based prescription for increasing the health-related physical activity of low-active adolescent girls aged fifteen to eighteen (15-18) years at three (3) high schools in …

  • SLÍ NA SLÁINTE/Paths to Health

    Categories associated with best practice:

    • Behaviour change
    • Cardiovascular Disease
    • Community/ Neighbourhood
    • Community development and mobilization
    • Personal health practices and coping skills
    • Physical environmental support
    • Physical environment

    The Slí na Sláinte or ‘paths to health’ initiative was developed by the Irish Heart Foundation (IHF) in association with Irish Sports Council and Local Sports Partnerships. Bright signposts mark walking routes at kilometre intervals. Along with walking routes, the …