Links to subscriptions for newsletters and listservs focused on public health.


National Collaborating Centres (NCCs): The NCC’s website allows you to choose from a number of e-bulletins including the overall e-bulletin for the six NCCs, which includes sections on news and events, publications and tools, and conferences.  Each of the six NCCs also has its own e-bulletin (Aboriginal Health, Determinants of Health, Environmental Health, Healthy Public Policy, Methods and Tools, and Infectious Disease).

Dialogue PH is a networking site for public health professionals hosted by the National Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools. You can sign up to take part in discussion forums and receive weekly emails with relevant tools and resources.

Population Health, In Brief  from the Canadian Population Health Initiative at the Canadian institute for Health Information is a bi-weekly e-newsletter that presents abstracted information and web links to policy and program information in the area of population health.

Public Policy and Health Newsletter from the Institut national de santé publique du Québec  is a bi-weekly newsletter which provides a brief summary and link to Canadian and international resources, divided by sections on events, news, publications, health impact assessment and other resources.

Quebec Population Health Research Network offers links to several e-newsletters, including pophealth and e-watch. Pophealth is a twice a month publication which focuses on population health, and has sections on events, news, grants and competitions, publications, and interesting websites. E-watch is a weekly e-newsletter that includes sections on events, publications, interesting websites, and a section called “Members’ Forum”, where members can provide resources and links of interest.


Pan-American Health Organization: Equity, Health and Human Development

This listserv alerts subscribers to key resources in the area of equity, health and human development from around the world. Resources include journal articles, government documents, and links to events in Northern and Southern countries on a wide range of topics, from environmental health to chronic disease to health care systems.