The Best Practices Section of the Portal is a searchable list of chronic disease prevention and health promotion interventions which provides program planners and public health practitioners with easy and immediate access to successful public health programs, interventions and policies that have been evaluated and have the potential to be adapted and used.

Featured Interventions

  • I Can Problem Solve (ICPS)

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    • Illegal Drugs Icon 3
    • Early Childhood (ages 3-5) icon
    • Children (ages 6-12) icon
    • Alcohol Abuse Icon 1
    • daycare
    • Elementary School Icon 1
    • Healthy child development
    • Home
    • Mental Health Icon 2
    • Personal health practices and coping skills
    • Preventing Violence Icon 1

    I Can Problem Solve (ICPS) for Schools is a universal school-based program that focuses on enhancing the interpersonal cognitive processes and problem-solving skills of children ages 4-9. ICPS is based on the idea that there is a set of skills …

  • The Centre for Healthy Weights- Shapedown BC (CHW-SB)

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    • Health Services
    • Children (ages 6-12) icon
    • Teens (ages 13-18) icon
    • Before-After School Icon 1
    • Cardiovascular Disease
    • Diabetes icon 3
    • English
    • Healthy child development
    • Healthy Eating
    • Integrate Chronic Disease Prevention
    • Personal health practices and coping skills
    • Physical Activity
    • Secondary School Icon 1

    Shapedown BC is a family-centered cognitive behavioural weight management program that provides medical and psychosocial assessment, education and support to obese and overweight children and their families. The CHW-SB program was based on the Shapedown program developed in the United …

  • Maternal-Child Health Information System

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    • Infancy (ages 0-2) icon
    • Early Childhood (ages 3-5) icon
    • Canada
    • English
    • Health Care Setting
    • Maternal and Infant Health

    A combined University of British Columbia/Nunavut Public Health Strategy to produce a comprehensive and culturally relevant maternal-child health surveillance system. The system was developed with extensive input from professional and lay stakeholders. Nunavut specific indicators have been included on the …