The Best Practices Section of the Portal is a searchable list of chronic disease prevention and health promotion interventions which provides program planners and public health practitioners with easy and immediate access to successful public health programs, interventions and policies that have been evaluated and have the potential to be adapted and used.

Featured Interventions

  • Zippy’s Friends

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    Zippy’s Friends is a school based mental health promotion programme for five to seven year old children. The programme aims to prevent the development of serious psychosocial problems later in life, including suicidal behaviour, through expanding children’s range of effective …

  • Relapse prevention for postpartum women

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    Objective: Postpartum relapse rates are high among women who spontaneously quit smoking during pregnancy. This randomized clinical trial tested a Motivation and Problem- Solving (MAPS) treatment for reducing postpartum relapse among diverse low-income women who quit smoking during pregnancy (N …

  • Alice Springs Indigenous Family Wellbeing Program

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    Australian Indigenous family wellbeing Promotion of personal empowerment and resilience in Indigenous families. Aboriginal women represent three per cent of all women in Australia, yet they make up six times that amount in family violence victims. One woman in Melbourne …