Maternal-Child Health Information System


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A combined University of British Columbia/Nunavut Public Health Strategy to produce a comprehensive and culturally relevant maternal-child health surveillance system. The system was developed with extensive input from professional and lay stakeholders. Nunavut specific indicators have been included on the surveillance system. The system is expected to improve the understanding of Aboriginal maternal-child health.

Primary Source Document

Samantha Lauson, Sarah McIntosh, Natan Obed, Gwen Healeym Sirisha Asuri, GEraldine Osborne, Larua Arbour, The development of a comprehensive maternal-child health information system for Nunavut-Nutaqqavut (Our Children) International Journal of Circumpolar Health

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Dr. Laura Arbour Associate Professor UBC Department of Medical Genetics Island Medical Program Room 230, 3800 Finnerty Road Victoria, British Columbia V8P 5C2 CANADA Email:

Intervention Focus

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Build a sustainable public health maternal-child health infromation system for Nunavut
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People living in conditions of disadvantage are not explicitly stated to be a target population of the intervention.

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  • Maternal and Infant Health

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    • Partnership development
    • People living in conditions of disadvantage were included in decision-making processes.
    • Provision of planning tools and evaluation tools

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    • Prenatal
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