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The Best Practices Section of the Portal is a searchable list of chronic disease prevention and health promotion interventions which provides program planners and public health practitioners with easy and immediate access to successful public health programs, interventions and policies that have been evaluated and have the potential to be adapted and used.

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Nurse-Family Partnership

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…g randomized controlled trials, have consistently demonstrated the intervention’s positive impact on maternal and child health, including: improved maternal sense of master and self-sufficiency, fewer incidences of childhood injuries and maltreatment, fewer subsequent pregnancies and increased intervals between children, improved prenatal health, and less frequent smoking, improved academic indicators for child, and use of alcohol and drugs…

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…s and hallways, praising prosocial behavior. A large scale, cluster randomised controlled evaluation measured the impacts of PeaceBuilders in eight elementary schools in Arizona over three years. Several smaller scale evaluations have also been conducted in different settings (primarily with students in K-6). This research has generally shown that in elementary schools, PeaceBuilders decreased visits to the school nurse, fights, injuries,…